Spark Compliance provides clear and comprehensive plans for GDPR readiness. 

We can focus on one element of GDPR compliance, or can provide an entire roadmap to guide you from conception to execution.  We can help you with the following GDPR requirements:

  • Data Protection Officer: Ensuring that the Data Protection Officer role is properly set up and documented

  • Data Audit: Planning for and completing your data audit

  • Data Map: Planning for and completing your data map

  • Privacy Notices: Drafting your privacy notices, or ensuring that your current privacy notices are compliance with GDPR

  • Privacy Policy: Drafting your privacy policies, or ensuring that your current privacy policies are compliance with GDPR

  • Privacy Training and Communications: Creating an effective and entertaining training and communications plan for staff

  • Privacy Impact Assessment Process: Creating a Privacy Impact Assessment process and template document

  • Risk Register Development: Ensuring that a Risk Register has been created and that a review, update and audit process has been developed for it

  • Data Breach Preparation: Drafting or reviewing data breach response protocol and planning documents to ensure they are compliant with GDPR’s strict notification requirements

  • Third-Party Contract Checklists: Ensuring that a mechanism exists to verify that third-party supplier / processor contracts include the contractual terms and obligations required by GDPR

Spark Compliance were perfect in helping position our new Data Privacy leader for success. They provided a pragmatic, practical approach to solving pressing GDPR-related compliance needs.”

— LL. , Assistant General Counsel - Compliance

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