Compliance & Ethics Program Assessments and Recommendations

Spark Compliance Consulting helps you energize and optimize your existing compliance & ethics program in order to properly mitigate risk, withstand regulatory scrutiny, and foster an ethical culture that drives business success. 

Services Include:


Compliance & Ethics Program Report Card

Find out if your program makes the grade based on best practices and regulatory expectations.  This assessment includes practical and proportionate remediation and optimization recommendations.

Comprehensive Compliance & Ethics Program Assessment

The Comprehensive Compliance & Ethics Program Assessment includes the Compliance & Ethics Program Report Card and, utilizing Spark's proprietary CCEPA methodology, provides an outside risk assessment, an ethical culture gauge, critical data on the impact of the program across the organization, and predictive analytics that can be used to proactively mitigate risk and to benchmark your program's continuous progress.

Spark Compliance Consulting’s counsel and preparation for our ISO 27001 audit and re-certification was invaluable. Full of pragmatic and helpful real-world advice. I’d highly recommend Spark Compliance Consulting to any company looking for ISO certification and audit preparation.
— K. Kristiansen, Client Services Director and In-house counsel, Lineal