Preventing Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking Through Supply Chain Compliance

It is a sad truth that an organization's supply chain may unknowingly include entities and individuals who traffic in slavery, forced labour and child labour.  In an effort to stamp out these human rights abuses, more laws are coming into effect that require organizations to disclose the efforts they are making to ensure that no slavery, forced labour or child labour is included within their supply chain.  Laws like the United Kingdom Modern Day Slavery Act, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and US federal legislation around government contracting require transparency and disclosure around supply chain management.  

Spark will help you to demonstrate your organization's commitment against modern slavery and your dedication to protecting human rights by implementing effective policies and procedures throughout your supply chain.

Compliance & Ethics Program Design and Implementation

Today, creating and implementing a strong compliance & ethics program is essential for new and growing organizations.  A strong program protects an organization from regulatory scrutiny and reputational damage, contributes to efficient operations, and ensures that the organization stays true to its core values as it grows and enters into new markets.  Building these programs from the ground-up can be a time-consuming and stressful process and, when done incorrectly, hinder operational efficiency.  Spark Compliance Consulting will help you create, implement, and optimize a world-class compliance & ethics program from the ground up that mitigates risk and embeds processes and procedures that drive business operations and promote an ethical culture.    

[Spark has the] unique skill of being able to design an effective Compliance Program with real life workable solutions. [Spark] has guided me to think creatively and strategically to positively influence our compliance program. I appreciate the ‘real -life’ advice and guidance - easy to understand and easy to implement!
— S. Anderson, Compliance Director, International Compliance, Optum"